COFFEE TALK: The Latest Posts, Profiles & Think Pieces On Vincent Gallo, Grouper, Pavement, Dave Eggers, Devendra Banhart, Soulwax and More

Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66

Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in 'Buffalo 66'

We sift the ‘net for today’s top stories so you don’t have to…

  • MGMT, Chairlift and, err, Vivian Girls have all been confirmed for a David Bowie tribute album.
  • Stones Throw is pressing a killer Minimal Wave compilation later this month.
  • What could be more metal than viral cat videos?
  • Kanye‘s back in the studio.
  • Michael Cera is in Islands‘ new video.
  • Grouper and Honey Owens had a few things to say about their hometown of Portland.
  • Soulwax is readying a series of special mixes for a new site.
  • Tim Hecker, Mountains and the Moritz Von Oswald Trio are all playing the first U.S. edition of Poland’s Unsound Festival.
  • The Roots are looking for a logo.
  • Deacon of Animal Collective made his live debut last night.
  • Drowned In Sound uploaded an Atlas Sound bootleg.
  • Alan Moore printed his first zine and talked to Wired about it.
  • Andrew W.K. responded to ‘clone’ rumors.
  • Pavement are releasing a best-of record in March.
  • Resident Advisor presented a year in party pictures.
  • Wayne Coyne told Paste all about Flaming LipsDark Side of the Moon disc.
  • Of Montreal plan to release a new record this summer.
  • Devendra Banhart denied claims that Warner Bros. had “creative control” over his latest LP.
  • Vincent Gallo is playing a member of the Taliban, which has to be better than Brown Bunny, right?
  • Since Lady Gaga is giving away locks of hair with deluxe versions of her new record, the Guardian came up with similar ideas for other artists.
  • Singles sales have hit an all-time high in the UK.
  • Dave Eggers discussed his love of newspapers with the A.V. Club, who also posted a solid “Best of the Decade” package.
  • Here’s one 2009 roundup we missed: Top 25 Album Covers.
  • Rolling Stone talked to Hot Chip about their new album.