COFFEE TALK: The Latest Posts, Profiles & Think Pieces On Vincent Gallo, Grouper, Pavement, Dave Eggers, Devendra Banhart, Soulwax and More

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  • Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66

    Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in 'Buffalo 66'

    We sift the ‘net for today’s top stories so you don’t have to…

    • MGMT, Chairlift and, err, Vivian Girls have all been confirmed for a David Bowie tribute album.
    • Stones Throw is pressing a killer Minimal Wave compilation later this month.
    • What could be more metal than viral cat videos?
    • Kanye‘s back in the studio.
    • Michael Cera is in Islands‘ new video.
    • Grouper and Honey Owens had a few things to say about their hometown of Portland.
    • Soulwax is readying a series of special mixes for a new site.
    • Tim Hecker, Mountains and the Moritz Von Oswald Trio are all playing the first U.S. edition of Poland’s Unsound Festival.
    • The Roots are looking for a logo.
    • Deacon of Animal Collective made his live debut last night.
    • Drowned In Sound uploaded an Atlas Sound bootleg.
    • Alan Moore printed his first zine and talked to Wired about it.
    • Andrew W.K. responded to ‘clone’ rumors.
    • Pavement are releasing a best-of record in March.
    • Resident Advisor presented a year in party pictures.
    • Wayne Coyne told Paste all about Flaming LipsDark Side of the Moon disc.
    • Of Montreal plan to release a new record this summer.
    • Devendra Banhart denied claims that Warner Bros. had “creative control” over his latest LP.
    • Vincent Gallo is playing a member of the Taliban, which has to be better than Brown Bunny, right?
    • Since Lady Gaga is giving away locks of hair with deluxe versions of her new record, the Guardian came up with similar ideas for other artists.
    • Singles sales have hit an all-time high in the UK.
    • Dave Eggers discussed his love of newspapers with the A.V. Club, who also posted a solid “Best of the Decade” package.
    • Here’s one 2009 roundup we missed: Top 25 Album Covers.
    • Rolling Stone talked to Hot Chip about their new album.