TEST PRESSING: Stream a Killer Acid-Techno Mix From Optimo

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  • dj_skope

    very nice mix – classic sounds. great deep, dark beginning with no shortage of acid house history (track 2 = phuture’s ‘your only friend’?! hello!). i was pleasantly surprised hearing some of the most classic from the dusty old record crates, for example: raze’s ‘jack the groove’. reminds me of days looking through someone’s record collection and saying, ‘wow, you HAVE this?!’ smooth mixes overall.

    only constructive feedback…in my opinion, it strays pretty far from what i would call acid at times. to me, the tb-303 is an an absolute essential to an acid track, and there are many stretches where there’s no 303 whatsoever. call me a purist, but hey…i’m old enough to have witnessed the acid movement from the earliest days (i’ve owned phuture’s ‘acid tracks’ since it came out) on up to acid’s peak: in my opinion from the deep warehouse joints of about ’92 – ’94, with such labels/artists as underground resistance, miss djax, hardfloor, sonic groove and the many gems on germany’s labworks records.

    the mix is great, and kept my butt and cerebrum moving, but along the way i kept jonesing for that next line of 303 gurgles!

    ~dj skope, brooklyn / san francisco