50 Of Our Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Songs

October 10, 2011   Spotify Playlist

The following Spotify playlist (subscribe here!) first ran around the season four finale of Breaking Bad as a way to celebrate the show’s stellar music supervision. Now that the end is nigh, we thought we’d revisit our initial set, plus a stack of ‘bonus tracks’ that we’ll be adding to throughout the day as fans weigh in with what we may have missed…

Season One:
1. Gnarls Barkley, “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”
2. Mick Harvey, “Out of Time Man”
3. Ticklah, “Nine Years”
4. In-Crowd, “Mango Walk”
5. Koop, “Koop Island Blues”
6. Clyde McPhatter, “You’re Moving Me”
7. Working For a Nuclear Free City, “Dead Fingers Talking”
8. Darondo, “Didn’t I”
9. The Motels, “Suddenly Last Summer”
10. The Silver Seas, “Catch Yer Own Train”

Season Two:
11. The Walkmen, “Red Moon”
12. The Be Good Tanyas, “Waiting Around To Die”
13. Nancy Sinatra, “It’s Such a Pretty World Today”
14. Alvin Red Tyler, “Peter Vendor”
15. Calexico, “Banderilla”
16. TV on the Radio, “DLZ”
17. Blue Mink, “Good Morning Freedom”
18. The Platters, “Enchanted”
19. Wang Chung, “Dance Hall Days”
20. The Outlaws, “Green Grass & High Tides”

Season Three:
21. America, “A Horse With No Name”
22. ZZ Top, “Tush”
23. Amboy Dukes, “Loaded For Bear”
24. Buddy Stuart, “In the Valley of the Sun”
25. Prince Fatty, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
26. The Association, “Windy”
27. Buddy Stuart, “Sun Shine On Me”
28. Stan Getz, “Lee”
29. Son of Dave, “Shake a Bone”
30. Beastie Boys, “Shambala”

Season Four:
31. Fever Ray, “If I Had a Heart”
32. El-P, “Flyentology (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)”
33. 2 Live Crew, “Hoochie Mama”
34. Melani L. Skybell, “Days Like This”
35. Ana Tijoux, “1977”
36. Pretty Poison, “Catch Me I’m Falling”
37. Thomas Dolby, “Hyperactive!”
38. Pretenders, “Boots of Chinese Plastic”
39. Walter Wanderley, “Crickets Sing For Ana Maria”
40. Thee Oh Sees, “Tidal Wave”

Season Five:
41. The Doors, “The Crystal Ship”
42. Mack Owen, “Somebody Just Like You”
43. The Peddlers, “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”
44. Knife Party, “Bonfire”
45. Queen, “Lily of the Valley”
46. The Monkees, “Goin’ Down”
47. Alan Parker + Alan Hawkshaw, “Clear Waters”
48. Duke Ellington, “Overture (Nutcracker Suite)”
49. Tommy James & The Shondells, “Crystal Blue Persuasion”
50. Nat King Cole, “Pick Yourself Up”

Bonus Tracks:
51. Alexander, “Truth”
52. Honey Claws, “Digital Animal”
53. Say Anything, “Baby Girl, I’m a Blur”
54. Danger Mose + Daniel Luppi (feat. Norah Jones), “Black”
55. Apparat, “Goodbye”
56. Fujiya & Miyagi, “UH”
57. Quartetto Cetra, “Crapa Pelada”
58. Timber Timbre, “Magic Arrow”
59. Los Zafiros, “He Venido”
60. Los Cuates de Sinaloa, “Negro y Azul”

  • La Verdad

    Ana Tijoux’s 1977 was incredible in the show !

  • kevincorcoranjr

    Awesome playlist!! i have a rad playlist i’ve been listening to for college students… it seriously has all the best new indie music 🙂 –

  • Man great playlist i am listening to it full time haha

  • Octavio

    where’s is the Apparat song from the Face Off episode in season 4? And Apollo Sunshine, we are born when we die, from the episode before. Two major songs underlining important plot points that should be here, in my opinion.

    • selftitledmag

      The Apollo Sunshine song isn’t on Spotify, but we’ve added Apparat!

  • Josh Dowds

    What About Uh By Fujiah?

  • Bogdan

    “Digital Animal” by Honey Claws (season 4, episode 2) should definitely be on here. For some reason, whenever I think about Breaking Bad, this song pops into my head, and all I can see is Jesse freaking out, sitting right in front of the booming stereo speaker.

  • Johnmcgarity

    Dangermouse’s ‘Black’ (closes season four) should be on here, great track as the credits roll up on a brilliant episode.

    • Rem

      totally agree

    • Dave Haynie


  • Tim Cool

    Crapa Quartetto Cetra?

  • Dan

    This playlist is missing Timber Timbre’s Magic Arrow, the best song from season 3

    • nic

      yeah what the fuck

  • Amtaylor24

    Great playlist, but how is “Truth” by Alexander from episode one of season 4 not on here? I feel like it captures Walt’s character perfectly… “The truth is that i never shook my shadow, everyday it’s trying to trick me into doin’ battle…” 

  • selftitledmag

    Keep the missing songs coming guys, and we’ll run a playlist of reader picks at the end of this season!


    Yall are straight up TRIPPIN. T R I P P I N

    • Sarah

      To be fair, it’s probably because it’s not on Spotify. Kind of a surprisingly hard song to find in a lot of cases.

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  • Gabriel

    where is “money” ? still singing money money money money !! that one should be in this list !!

  • vag

    Apparat- Goodbye (instrumental) played at season’s 4 final episode should be here as well

  • Dasha

    ‘Money’ by DR Period! That song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. So pointless yet so catchy.

  • great playlist, the list is missing the single Truth by alexander like taylor24 stated

  • websearcher

    Fever Ray – “If I had a heart” has to be the best, ever. I sure am glad to have discovered it via Breaking Bad.

    Thanks for the list.

  • OX

    What’s the song where Jnr is sitting on his bed and has his head phone in and the song this like this slow electronic intro and the guy sings like “this city” with song digital effect

  • JB

    What’s the song where Walt is driving in his car, and the song goes da da daa, da da da da daa, and so on..??

    • Ruch

      Horse with no name: America

      • joeshmoe2000

        Horse With No Name by America. One of the most classic songs EVER. It’s about doing Heroin otherwise known as Horse on the streets. The reason the Horse has no name is because on the streets they like to label their heroin with a name (like for example: Eternal Dream) so that people will ask for it by name much like Blue Sky or simply the blue stuff in Breaking Bad. Like having a label instead of soda it’s Coke or Pepsi.

    • eric

      whitey – stay on the outside?

  • kjdwklfjw

    molotov – apocalipshit from season one!

  • ZPanda


    • joeshmoe2000

      A totally epic song if you’re from that generation or have a parent who still listens to that Tommy James and the Shondells song. The other monster hit from them was Crimson and Clover.

  • ZPanda

    Never mind i found it, i see it now lol. i feel dumb. lol.

  • gale bedeker

    no crapa pelada no care

  • anonimorl

    Where’s “negro y azul”? season 2 ep 7. Fckn yankees, not a single spanish song!!!

  • Eva

    Uhm, where is He Venido by Los Zafiros? It made the RV being crushed so epic and poignant. Also Fever Ray? Apparat? Alexander Ebert? Da fuck.

    • 3lbisivni

      Truly one of the most memorable songs and moments of the entire series.

  • AVfromAZ

    Hands Down….. Bang Data season 4 @ the cartel party…. the hell with all the rest

  • B

    Unga bunga- flavour flav. Jessies mad one

  • d0m

    stay on the outside- whitey

  • Lee Amherst

    I think it’s worth pointing out Queen’s “Lily Of The Valley” and The Doors’ “Crystal Ship” were not actually used in the show. Seems wishful thinking.

  • Rev MGB

    This playlist retells the entire series though a mix of gangsta rap songs

  • Mom 40509

    Missing Yellow Man ” Zungguza”

  • Thom0065

    Tamacun Rodrigo y Gabriela. From the pilot episode … Jessie falling out of the window

  • Mario

    Hey, excellent job.
    Missing this song:

  • joeshmoe2000

    I can’t believe they left out Baby Blue by Bad Finger as that was the very last song of the very last episode and is a classic ending with Walt laying there staring up at the camera.

  • Trauma Queen

    Crap list this. Missed out many good songs. One of them being It Is Such A Good Night The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra

  • Tommy Allegro

    Tommy Allegro – Money Bitch (Original Mix)

  • 3lbisivni


  • joeshmoe2000

    I still say Baby Blue playing as the very last song of the very last episode with Walt laying there in a meth lab looking up into the camera as he is wounded (fatally?) they never tell us. Maybe so they can bring it back????? I F’ing wish!!!

  • Buzz Lightyear

    Nice playlist, but missing a lot of good stuff. How about Ginza Samba by Vince Guaraldi?