DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Azealia Banks, “212,” Plus Two Unreleased Tracks Produced By Machinedrum, “P-U-$-$-Y” and “Barbie Shit”

Azealia Banks leaked two unreleased Machinedrum tracks through her Twitter today, and since they’re both killer, we thought we’d share them with you below alongside her breakthrough “212” single and self-titled cover story…

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    Muchos tenkius

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    thankyou so Much i love your music x

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    thank you thank you. i love your music.

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    I’m obsessed with this song right now 🙂 Thanks for the download!

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    I heard anther song from her i got, That 212 shit is crazzzzy,  Harlem BX, baby

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    This Remix of the 212 is off the chain!!

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    Loving the download & ya soundz!!x

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