Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never Confirm Unsound Collaboration, Help Launch New Software Label Series

Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never in the studio

Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never have lined up a special collaborative performance at the 10th annual installment of Unsound’s Krakow festival. Also among the first round of confirmations are Julia Holter, Lustmord and Biosphere’s TRINITY project, and a rare “swan song” set from Leyland Kirby’s reclusive, art-damaged pop alias V/VM.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Hecker’s holding a saxophone in the studio shot above, the pair apparently cut a record together this spring as part of a new Software Label series called SSTUDIOS. Co-curated by Daniel Lopatin and experimental music mainstay C Spencer Yeh, it’s meant to highlight the kind of one-off collabs that get Wire readers–and us–all out and bothered. More details on that front once we’ve got ’em…