LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Out Hud, ‘Let Us Never Speak of It Again’

Out Hud - 'Let Us Never Speak of It Again' album coverThe Artist/Album: Out Hud, Let Us Never Speak of It Again (Kranky, 2005)

Our Review: !!!’s sister project imploded soon after this album dropped, as bassist Tyler Pope left to focus on LCD Soundsystem and everyone else seemed to go their separate ways suddenly. An unfortunate development considering Let Us Never Speak of It Again improves on its strictly instrumental predecessor exponentially, balancing the dance-rock ballast of “The Song So Good They Named It Thrice” and “Dear Mr. Bush, There Are Over 100 Words for Shit and Only 1 for Music. Fuck You, Out Hud” (yes, that’s the full title) with the pop elements of songs like “It’s For You” and “How Long.” Speaking of, the latter landed a spot in a rather sad Lindsay Lohan scene, so that’s something.

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