Kindness Challenges Self-Titled Readers to a Scrabble Match

Kindness (Photo: Trent McMinn)

Photo by Trent McMinn

As you may have read in our new issue, Adam Bainbridge (a.k.a. Kindness) is a major Scrabble fan. And as such, he’s agreed to block out three hours of his time (3-6 p.m. EST) next Tuesday, August 7th, to play self-titled readers on the only online forum for serious gamers: the Internet Scrabble Club. To enter, comment on this post with your Favorite Scrabble Word of All Time. We’ll be recruiting random players through that, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter account, so follow all three to up your chances of possibly beating one of the best and winning some vinyl from Terrible Records along the way.

Good luck! And no matter how good you think you are, we suggest checking out some of Bainbridge’s Scrabble tips down below…