DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Studio Barnhus’ Heaven’s Gate Mix

Don’t worry; that cult with the Kool-Aid fixation isn’t back for more. Tim Sweeney, Nick the Duke and DJ Spun are about to launch a party with aspirations to take you higher, however. Or at the very least, encourage the good vibes, transcendent dance tracks and laser-guided visuals that have been sorely lacking in New York’s club scene.

“This is an event that where we aim to bring people together from all walks of life to experience a positive change in NY nightlife,” the trio said in a statement, “and create a community, whether they be drag queens, beardo disco bros, candy ravers, indie rock kids or a$ap swagger jackers.”

Well alright then. Advance tickets/extensive details are available here. You can also check out a mix from tonight’s guest DJs–including this guy–in the above player and a video trailer/flyer down below…

Heaven's Gate flyer