LISTEN: Prurient, “I Understand You”

Prurient live @ Public Assembly

Contrary to our nearly constant Vatican Shadow postings, Dominick Fernow hasn’t given up on his Prurient alias just yet. As premiered on Pitchfork yesterday, “I Understand You” is the dagger-drawing, surprisingly melodic–at least at first–denouement to a split LP with Justin Broadrick’s JK Flesh alias. Pre-order your copy here, through our old friends Hydra Head, who’ll release the record on December 11th. And now, “I Understand You”…

JK Flesh/Prurient, Worship is the Cleansing of Imagination (Hydra Head, December 11th):
JK Flesh
1. Fear Of Fear
2. Deceiver
3. Obedient Automaton
1. Chosen Books
2. Entering The Water
3. I Understand You