Read Our New Issue, F/ Le1f, Heems, Mount Eerie, and Many More

Greedhead Music

Photo by Ysa Pérez

As you may have noticed yesterday, we’ve finally unveiled our fall issue, featuring a massive package on Greedhead Music–including cover stories on Heems and Le1f–and the following exclusives…

  • Ariel Pink talks about whatever the hell he wants for 48 minutes
  • TEEN hosts a cocktail competition at 10 in the morning
  • Titus Andronicus explain how Lars von Trier, Norman Mailer and Legend of Zelda influenced their new album
  • Divine Fits grill each other about the best Spoon/Handsome Furs/Sam Brown songs
  • Tropic of Cancer takes us on a tour of L.A.’s dark side
  • How to Dress Well fills out our Mad Libs sheet
  • Death Grips avoid our interviews, but show up for a photo shoot
  • Bruce Lamont explains how he goes from fronting Yakuza to America’s greatest cover band, Led Zeppelin 2 
  • Paul Banks shares his life story
  • Greedhead Music‘s up-and-coming artists discuss Greek yogurt, professional wrestling, sci-fi films and Caribbean-style lobster salad
  • William Basinski rings us from L.A. to talk about The Disintegration Loops, September 11 and his next album
  • Mount Eerie breaks down both of his 2012 albums (and we stream it all in our enhanced edition)
  • Pig Destroyer, Michael Gira and Holy Other write about their favorite records
  • Holograms obsess over the entire Street Fighter series
  • We find out what’s been selling at the record store Cult of Youth runs on the side
  • Wild Nothing, King Dude and Adrian Sherwood file Top 5 lists about Game of Thrones, Blowfly and King Dude
  • Maria Minerva gives a lesson on alt-disco’s godmother
  • Silent Servant creates a mixed media piece based on The xx
As always, you can sample our streamlined issue here, or snag the enhanced iPad/Android edition–including streaming music on all of our features–over at Zinio. We’re also giving away subscriptions on Twitter, Facebook and our new online store, The Merch Table.  Thanks in advance for your support and be sure to let us know what you’re digging and what you wish we’d covered this time around.