WATCH: FIDLAR Extol the Virtues of “Cheap Beer” in New Video

FIDLAR's "Cheap Beer" video

We’ve never really understood people who honestly believe that Miller High Life is the “Champagne of Beers” or that “Natty Ice” and “The Beast” should be consumed by anyone who isn’t in their first or second year of college. Once you’ve had the good stuff–even something as simple as a Guinness–those $10 24-packs start to taste like piss halfway through its purification process in a post-apocalyptic state.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a Bud Light from time to time. (Or a Pabst for that matter, so long as you don’t chase it with ironic chuckles.) FIDLAR understands this. That’s why their latest video features a “beer enforcer” who has a zero tolerance policy against everything from tall bottles of Chimay to crap like Heineken. Check out “Cheap Beer” below, and watch out for the band’s self-titled debut album on Mom + Pop January 22nd…