WATCH: Hippos in Tanks Share Trailer For New James Ferraro Album

James Ferraro's 'Sushi' trailer

With song titles like “Powder,” “Booty Call” and “Playin Ya Self,” it looks like James Ferraro is lampooning club culture on his latest LP, Sushi. Due out digitally next Wednesday through Hippos in Tanks–a limited vinyl pressing drops on December 17th–the album is previewed in a video trailer below, which slices and dices its way through a couple stuttering samples…

James Ferraro - 'Sushi'

James Ferraro, Sushi (Hippos in Tanks, November 7th):
1. Powder
2. Jumpshot Earth
3. Flamboyant
4. Playin Ya Self
5. Baby Mitsubishi
6. Lovesick
7. E 7
8. Jet Skis & Sushi
9. SO N2U
10. Condom
11. Booty Call