LISTEN: How to Destroy Angels, ‘An Omen’ EP

How to Destroy Angels

“It’s been an unexpected, weird ride,” Trent Reznor recently told Rolling Stone, referring to the film scores and side project (How to Destroy Angels) that have given him a break from Nine Inch Nails the past couple years. “I’m just trying to approach things with integrity and try to find things that are interesting to me.”

That much is clear on An Omen, a relatively subdued EP that’s in constant danger of devolving into a downward spiral of nihilistic noise and mangled melodies. Reznor and the rest of How to Destroy Angels never quite hit the release button on their pressure-cooked cuts, however, making this a collection of controlled chaos that’s on par with NIN’s piano-led Still EP.

Hear what we mean down below…