Kevin Drumm Announces ‘Malign Ambient Music’ Double Album

Kevin Drumm

Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions imprint has announced details of its first Kevin Drumm release since 2009’s Imperial Horizon LP. Due out in February and available for pre-order now in a highly limited (as in 49 copies), hand-painted CD/cassette pressing, Tannenbaum is described as “a double album of malign electronic ambient music. Drumm’s subtle work with dynamic roving drones keeps the pace and tempo moving with Hitchcockian tension while details of a story emerge with swells and fades as other sequences are lost in the clatter of chambers of isolation adorned with the trimmings of pagan beauties.”

To get an idea of what that might actually sound like, check out a clip from Drumm’s last dark ambient effort (2008’s Imperial Distortion) down below.

UPDATE: 13:13 just posted a lengthy exclusive from Drumm’s new record that reveals just how patient and sinisterly subdued it is. Stream it below as well…