Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas Shares Song Sketches From 2011-2012

Mike Paradinas

Anyone who misses Mike Paradinas’ old μ-Ziq alias–the producer hasn’t released a record under that name since 2007’s Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique LP–needs to check out the Soundcloud set below. While Paradinas claims he “wouldn’t have done anything else” with the 10-track collection of rejected 2011-2012 cuts, it reminds us of IDM’s glory days in all the right ways. Maybe that’s why he scrapped them–because the laptop vet can write these sort of songs in his sleep.

Have a listen below, and check out our interview/exclusive mix with the Planet Mu founder here. Paradinas also has a limited double LP of early productions (Somerset Avenue Tracks: 1992-1995) dropping on February 25th…