Numero Group Readies Live Codeine LP For Record Store Day


Numero Group have announced yet another release in their extensive reissue campaign for Codeine. Due out April 20th as part of this year’s Record Store Day festivities, What About the Lonely features a straight-from-the-soundboard recording of a 1993 set at Lounge Ax in Chicago. David Grubbs lends some guitar lines to two of the eight vinyl-only tracks. Check out a complete rundown of the record below, along with some live footage from the same time period…

Codeine - 'What About the Lonely'

Codeine, What About the Lonely (Numero Group, April 20th):
1. Cave-In
2. Loss Leader
3. Jr
4. Pickup Song
5. Ides
6. Tom
7. Wird
8. Smoking Room