PREMIERE: La Big Vic, “All That Heaven Allows”

La Big Vic

If “All That Heaven Allows” is any indication, the melting pot mechanics of La Big Vic–a Brooklyn trio with connections to Pink Floyd (keyboardist Peter Pearson apprenticed under their live sound engineer), The FADER (violinist/vocalist Emilie Friedlander is their senior editor) and the Japanese music scene (before moving to the U.S., guitarist Toshio Masuda performed in a boy band and produced hip-hop beats, commercial scores and soundtracks)–are decidedly more melodic on their second album, Cold War. Due out January 29th through Underwater Peoples, it leans heavily on neon-lit synth lines, buffered beats and hooks that cut right through the haze.

Hear what we mean down below, as we premiere “All That Heaven Allows” along with the previously leaked “Ave. B”…

La Big Vic - 'Cold War'