DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: How to Destroy Angels, “How Long”

How to Destroy Angels

Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels project took their apocalypse now approach to another level yesterday by revealing the Shynola-helmed video for “How Long.” Inspired in part by the band’s “ideas about modern identity, the effect of technology on culture and our inability to connect with others,” the clip imagines a “post-technology civilization” that’s dire indeed. Check it out in A/V form below, alongside other videos from HTDA’s debut album, Welcome Oblivion, and its album art/tracklisting…

'Welcome Oblivion'

How to destroy angels_, Welcome oblivion (Columbia, March 5th):
1. The wake-up
2. Keep it together
3. And the sky began to scream
4. Welcome oblivion
5. Ice age
6. On the wing
7. Too late, all gone
8. How long?
9. Strings and attractors
10. We fade away
11. Recursive self-improvement
12. The loop closes
13. Hallowed ground