VIDEO PREMIERE: Function, Live @ Boiler Room Berlin

Function live

As longtime listeners of Berlin’s Boiler Room series and insatiable fans of everything the Sandwell District collective has put out over the past couple years, we’re psyched to share the video premiere of Function performing a live set earlier this week. Not content with simply recreating his decades-in-the-making solo debut (the universally acclaimed Incubation, which just dropped on Ostgut Ton) with a laptop and controller, the New York native fleshes his future-shocked tracks out with the heart palpitation hooks of a 909.

Have a listen and a look down below, and if you’re headed down to Austin next week, be sure to RSVP for the Ray-Ban x Boiler Room SXSW Warehouse Broadcast–featuring Death Grips, Lunice, Mount Kimbie and more–here