Jay-Z Publisher Set to Release ‘Kaleidoscopic’ Beastie Boys Memoir

A recent Beastie Boys promo shot (Photo: Phil Andelman)

Spiegel & Grau–the Random House imprint that released Jay-Z’s Decoded memoir–have signed Mike D and Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys to a book deal. According to The New York Times, the as-yet-untitled release will “be a pastiche of voices, images, irreverent humor and pop-culture reference points” featuring guest writers, the editing of hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins, and a look not unlike the group’s cult Grand Royal zine.

“[They’re] interested in challenging the form and making the book a multidimensional experience,” Julie Grau told the paper’s Media Decoder blog. “There is a kaleidoscopic frame of reference, and it asks a reader to keep up.”

Not your typical memoir then, and a fitting tribute to Adam Yauch, who died of salivary gland cancer last year. Expect a 2015 release for the book; in the meantime, here’s our Spotify-powered Beastie Boys playlist…