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'The Bling Ring' soundtrack

The Artist/Album: Various Artists, The Bling Ring (Def Jam)

Our Review: Sofia Coppola films have always had killer soundtracks, from the comfortably numb Kevin Shields cuts of Lost in Translation to the Marie Antoinette double pack–featuring the Cure, Aphex Twin and the Radio Dept. in equal measure–that was more entertaining than the movie itself. The Bling Ring is her most subversive set yet, balancing the pop/rap ballast of Azealia Banks, Sleigh Bells and Kanye West with a healthy dose of Kraut-rock (Can, Klaus Schulze) and a suite edit of Oneohtrix Point Never’s starry-eyed score with longtime Coppola collaborator Brian Reitzell.

Spring Breakers, you’ve met your match.