PREMIERE: Ashrae Fax, “Daddystitch”

Ashrae Fax

Mexican Summer isn’t new to the reissues game, but Static Crash has to be the first obscure record coming from that camp that’d fit right into the whole Minimal Wave/Wierd/early 4AD axis of gloomy but glazed indie-pop. Frankly, it sounds fantastic to the Siouxsie fans in this office, which is unfortunate considering Ashrae Fax fell on such deaf ears when their debut album first dropped in 2003.

“We came from nothing,” explains the band’s singer, Renee Mendoza. “We were art kids growing up in a town that didn’t have shit in it.” While that may be true, small town frustration–they’re from Greensboro, NC–led to the apropos pairing of Mendoza’s sky-scraping melodies and the shimmering, thunderstruck chords of producer/guitarist Alex Chesney. Check out the dagger-drawing post-punk perfection of “Daddystich” below, and look out for the rest of the record next week…