Violetshaped Release Solo Records on Opal Tapes, Bed of Nails

August 08, 2013   Now Playing

'Until Human Voices Wake Us'

Shapednoise, Until Human Voices Wake Us (Opal Tapes, 2013)
Centrifugal chords and rust-belted beats from the Violetshaped member that doesn’t look like a Dick Tracy villain. Not exactly a happy listen, or something you’d wanna cozy up to when the Molly kicks in, but what did you expect from a scorcher that starts with the not-so-subtle “Witness of a Heart Attack Death”?

Violent Poison - 'Awakening Messiah'

Violet Poison, Awakening Messiah (Bed of Nails, 2013)
A little more patient—but just barely—in the tortured techno department is this EP on Vatican Shadow’s vinyl-centric Bed of Nails imprint. Not quite ambient or straight-up noise, Awakening Messiah offsets its liquified loops and pulsating percussion with feedback-engulfed effects and muffled samples like an organ grinding somewhere off in the distance. Strangely soothing, albeit in a masochistic mid-tempo manner.