NEEDLE EXCHANGE 132: An Exclusive Mix By…Heathered Pearls

September 25, 2013 Needle Exchange
  • “‘Pouring Embers’ is a continuous 10-song playlist of remixes that might be overlooked because they aren’t dancefloor based. If I picked dancefloor favorite remixes this mix would have been for peak hour Berghain in Berlin or some cozy Scandinavian sea voyage. These deconstructions and reworks all have a certain concentration to them, a focus on release and a wandering curiosity because they explored the sounds that were given to them of a song that most likely picked out, that breakdown has always been fascinating compared to realigning percussion.”

    Heathered Pearls

    Heathered Pearls, “Pouring Embers” Mix:
    The Sight Below – The Sunset Passage (Biosphere Mix)
    Deepchord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Spacial Dub)
    Closer Musik – One Two Three No Gravity (Dettinger Mix)
    WHITE RAINBOW – Gnar (remix of Gnar)
    Standish/Carlyon – Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)
    Bell Orchestre – Water/Light/Shifts (Tim Hecker Remix)
    Marumari – Untitled (L’usine remix)
    Aphex Twin – On (U-Ziq Mix)
    Sally Shapiro – Lives Together (The Field Remix)
    Brian Eno & David Byrne – Help Me Somebody (Rollmottle Remix)

    ‘Loyal Reworks’, a collection of Heathered Pearls remixes by Loscil, Lawrence, Throwing Snow and more, is available now through Ghostly International.

    • el llop blau

      ty because this is wonderful

    • Javi Warclimb

      Nice mix!

    • mahalie

      Just lovely, thank you!