“Our Love”

August 18, 2014   Listen
Photo: Thomas Neukum

Caribou has unveiled the second single from his upcoming Our Love album. Available below, the title track features string parts by Owen Pallett and more of a straightforward club sound than the previously shared “Can’t Do Without You.” Well straightforward in the context of Caribou.

“This track went through a million versions,” explains Dan Snaith. “The bassline was definitely made out of fascination/admiration for dance music that is mind-numbingly simple. When I sent it to Owen and asked him to write parts I was talking about the arrangement and layout of the song as a kind of chess game where the parts move around one another in a sort of dance. He came back with the spectral Penderecki high strings and the more baroque riffs you can hear which we both agreed had to be used super super sparingly so it was more like a little treat for the listener when they appeared.”

Have a listen below; Our Love is due out October 7th through Merge…