Life on Planets

Life on Planets
“Zebra Prom”

August 26, 2014   Premiere

To quote Thump (who premiered their “Fork in the Path” single last week), “Life on Planets make folk-house that doesn’t suck.” Out of the club and into the bonfire, as it were. This probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering the Baltimore duo’s connection to Wolf + Lamb, the label/‘hotel’ that hosted their live debut last March and releases the A Public Affair EP this week.

“Life on Planets stemmed from a merging of worlds,” the pair explained in Big Shot earlier this month, “exploring all these microcosms of social groups, memories, thoughts and personal experiences. All of life’s intricacies to balance and navigate; with different avenues such as love, astrology, religion, family, peace, and growth… it’s as if we are living many different lives all at once. We travel between this reality and that, searching for purpose and meaning. Is it all something or nothing at all?”

As you sit and ponder all that, we’d like to share the pillowy sounds of “Zebra Prom”…