Kid Moxie

Kid Moxie

September 08, 2014   Premiere
Photo: Jazz Beitler

Five years have passed since Greek musician/actress Elena Charbila released her last record (the synth-glazed Selector LP) under the name Kid Moxie, and while elements of her self-proclaimed “gutter pop” sound remain on this fall’s 1888 album, songs like the lead single “Lacuna” have a soft, neon-lit glow to them now. It’s as if the whole thing was written with midnight drives in mind, the kind involving open roads, full moons, and breathy yet bold melodies that were meant to be screamed into the night sky with every window rolled down.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that The Gaslamp Killer and Angelo Badalamenti stopped by the studio as well, adding a few additional shades of darkness to the production—dance music David Lynch would get down to, essentially. Which makes sense considering Charbila once assumed the role of singer Julee Cruise in a vapor-trailed version of “Mysteries of Love,” a track Badalamenti co-wrote with Twin Peaks’ top coffee fiend.

Have a listen to that down below, along with our premiere of “Lacuna”; look out for the rest of 1888 on November 11th…