“C U In Hell” (Suicide Commando Cover)

Last spring, DUST released a music video that would have made a bit more sense on Halloween: “Feel It,” a feverish Wooje Kim dream featuring “sticky milk, smoke, self-fetish, octopus and raw meat.” Imagine Nightmare NYC if it was staged in a Bushwick loft with an techno-tinged house band and you’re about halfway there.

Now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the devil’s favorite day, DUST has shared a Suicide Commando cover that’s tailor made for tortured dance floors like the one the Brooklyn collective is playing on their home turf tonight. Speaking of special release days, the free download below will be available as a single-sided Mannequin 12” on Christmas. Let’s just say DUST does everything differently. Pre-order your copy at Mannequin Records to get in the holiday spirit a few months early.