Walter TV

Walter TV

April 28, 2015   Premiere
Photo: Coraline Cat Hall

Hey everyone; you can probably stop calling Walter TV “Mac DeMarco’s other band” now. While he’s lived and toured with two-thirds of the trio—drummer Joe McMurray and frontman/VHS-schooled videographer Pierce McGarry—their Appetite album was really its own special beast. Salad Days steeped in psilocybin, if you will. And now that they’ve finally wrapped its follow-up record, the woozy but wonderful Walter TV sound has merely gotten tighter and stranger. First previewed via a jagged and joyful Noisey premiere last month, Blessed gets downright creepy on “Neighbour,” a catchy little number that happens to be about stalking a stranger.

Get a load of this chorus: “Sing, sing, sing, sing to me, daintily, in the shower, I see, your wet body.” And the best part? Dude doesn’t even live on this street. He’s just passing by, peering into your window when you least expect it. NBD.

Have a listen down below, and look out for the rest of Blessed through Captured Tracks’ Sinderlyn imprint on June 23rd…