Eluvium, Devendra Banhart Remix Hauschka On A NDO C Y

Hauschka has revealed his latest record for Temporary Residence Ltd.: A NDO C Y, “a continuation of the Abandoned City story, told as a tale of two sides.” One-half furthers that album’s minimal techno x neo-classical agenda with five new tracks, and the other puts Eluvium and Devendra Banhart on remix duty. And if that’s not enough, the EP’s limited vinyl pressing includes a bonus digital album of improvised performances from Yufuin, Japan.

Drift alongside Eluvium’s time-stretched “Stromness” take down below…


(Temporary Residence Ltd., August 7th)

1. Hashima Island
2. Palace In The Sky
3. Varosha
4. North Brother Island
5. El Hotel del Saito
6. Agdam (Devendra Banhart Remix)
7. Stromness (Eluvium Remix)