NE182: Tom Furse’s Library Music Mix

Tom Furse of The Horrors

In honor of the library music compilation he’s releasing through Lo Recordings August 7th, we asked Tom Furse to take us on a tour of his own personal collection. (Kinda like Emil Amos’ exclusive Needle Exchange mix a while back.) Here’s what the Horrors keyboardist/bassist had to say about his choice selections, along with one of the carefully curated tracks from Digs:

This mix is a little exploration of library sounds, from ‘stings’ lasting a few seconds to tripped-out sitar jams. I love the freedom you get on library records; there’s a lot of boring shit out there, but the good stuff properly has the reigns taken off. It’s music made often without too much concern for proper form. A pop artist can’t make a 1.45-second record with just a phased drum beat because their audience would bugger off but if you’re making production music it can sound like whatever you want. That’s a fun idea to me; it’s liberating.