Le1f Teams Up With SOPHIE on “Koi”

Le1f has finally unveiled the lead single from his debut album Riot Boi. Available in video form above (directed by Simon Ward), “Koi” was produced by everyone’s favorite endorphin-flooding PC Music associate, SOPHIE. And while it’s more of a light-hearted listen, the rapper/producer recently told Vice that Riot Boi is “a very pro-trans, pro–clean water, Black Lives Matter record.”

The perfect balance between pop and politics, then, or as Le1f put it, “I still want to make the music I want to listen to. I still want to make Rich Homie Quan and Beyoncé songs. I just want them to be about other issues.”

Look out for the rest of Riot Boi on Terrible Records this fall, including tracks by Dubbel Dutch and fellow s/t cover star Evian Christ.