P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble
Winter Winds

December 01, 2016 Long Play of the Day

P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble
Winter Winds: The Complete Works 1968-1970
(Now-Again, 2008)

As infrequent as our jazz intake is, we savored this three-disc collection like a flight of swiftly-pulled espressos. It’s certainly that caffeinated–leaping from your speakers with what can only be described as modal madness, as led by a kid (vibraphonist/composer P.E. Hewitt) too young to legally drain the whiskey drinks his music deserves. If you must cherry pick only the finest digital cuts, Hewitt’s third LP (1970’s Winter Winds) is utterly flawless, full of painlessly cool pieces that make you feel like you’re living in a Fellini film.