The KLF Respond to Reunion Rumors, Ready New Round of Material

January 05, 2017 News

As first revealed in The Quietus, The KLF have all but confirmed the reunion rumors that began swirling around the Internet earlier this week after a mysterious video montage appeared online. According to Cally Callomon—the executor of Nick Drake’s estate and manager of KLF co-founder/art prankster Bill Drummond—the following poster surfaced on the streets of London today:

Mark your calendars for August 23rd, then, and watch the following in the meantime for a refresher course in the Justified Ancients of Mu MU. The Orb’s Alex Patterson (one of Cauty’s former collaborators) also shared quite a KLF-related tale with us recently—one that involves Paul Oaklenfold and a runaway police car…