Introducing Tolliver—Mormon Porn Editor By Day, Alt R&B Singer By Night


As spare and spooky as Tolliver’s new single is, the singer’s back story could provide the plot for one hell of a TV pilot. Raised on Chicago’s south side by a Baptist pastor and gospel-singing mother, he recently left the ‘wild 100s’ behind for a new life in Los Angeles—one that apparently involves editing Mormon porn.

Here’s an early listen to “I Gotchu,” along with Tolliver’s thoughts on its video and the flyer for an upcoming show. (He’ll also be performing a Monday night residency in May at LA’s Bootleg Theater and releasing his Rites EP this spring.)

Like many starlettes, I came to LA to chase my dreams, but was swallowed whole by pornographers. (My old drummer is the lead editor for a porn company, and I wanted to work from home watching people have sex.)

This is the third or fourth iteration of this song, but the first where I have room to stretch a lil vocally. Also, thank you Party City; my room is littered with crowns.

I had two goals when I wrote this. The first was to sing ‘nigga’ real loud in a chorus. The second was to show my brother I love him and get him to divorce his wife. Tick, tick.

Tolliver flyer