An Afternoon At the WEDIDIT Office With Shlohmo, Groundislava and RL Grime

"You'd go to a gated community one weekend and a house guarded by Shoreline Crips the next... That's just LA."

Ariel Pink Interviews The Garden

"We've become outraged Pat Robertsons—the exact opposite of liberalism"

DeJ Loaf On… Diverted Hoop Dreams, Family Matters and Brand Building

"I want to be legendary, you know?"

Howlin Rain’s Top 4 Musical Monuments of Elegant Sorrow and Despair

"You know the ones: head down, hoodie up, shades on, fuck everyone, fuck everything... Self-absorbed in despair."

Panda Bear’s Favorite Records, From Black Sabbath to the Beastie Boys

"I was over it. I just stood and held onto my father’s leg as people clapped."

Noveller’s Top 5 Criterion Collection DVDs Worth Keeping

Discussed: Bergman, Jarmusch, Brakhage, fevered states and pan flutes

Ghost Culture’s Tikka Masala Recipe

"I guess I needed another hobby"

Homeshake On… Comic Books, Half-Assed Workouts and Cucumber Mint Salad

"Even the smallest thing really helps to not feel like a piece of shit"

Medicine’s Top 5 ASMR YouTube Clips

"This really is just about how truly amazing those gloves sound"

Dark Entries’ Favorite Books of the Year

Discussed: John Waters, Lena Dunham, 4AD Records, gay porn, Keith Haring

Juju & Jordash On… Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live, New Synths and More

"I've become a better musician and a shittier person this year. Win win."

Amen Dunes’ Favorite Albums and Songs

Among the highlights: Pharmakon, Rae Sremmurd, Bobby Srmurda, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Iceage

Teengirl Fantasy On… Skate Videos, Self-Made Pop Stars and More

Discussed: Larry Gus, Shinichi Atobe, Instagram, Upstate NY, Dub Techno

Natasha Kmeto On…
Andy Stott

"This track makes me want to dance, fuck in a dungeon, and curl up under a blanket with headphones on, all at the same time"

A Year-End Rant From Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt and Black Pus

"I guess I should just listen to Future Islands like ever other white middle ager because you’re just not going to get shot while listening to Future Islands"