The Range’s Top 5 Breakbeats a Drummer Could Never Pull Off

"I wonder how Alarm Will Sound would tackle this one... I’m almost certain they would need to two kits."

The Bug Discusses Angels & Devils Album, Shares New Songs With Grouper & Manga

"The aim has always been to overwhelm people, and immerse a listener in my interpretation of the fucked up, chaotic nature of existence"


The underground NRG imprint shares an exclusive mix + a look at its first 5 years

INTERVIEW: Geoff Rickly On… Modern Art, United Nations, Thursday’s Abrupt Split and the ...

"In the next few years, I hope I have a chance to do things I'm even prouder of than Thursday or United Nations"

M. Geddes Gengras’ Favorite Desperate Housewives Episodes

"I love a thought-provoking drama as much as the next guy, but there is something to be said for a show that PILES it on"

Tombs’ Mike Hill On… the Paleo Diet

Don't worry; he was a skeptic at first too

INTERVIEW/MIX: Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv and Sons of Magdalene

"A black weight of terror stuck to my hip. The only way to get rid of it is to just take a knife and cut it out."

The Soft Pink Truth On… Darkthrone

"There’s a truly 'fuck it' attitude on display here which is truer to the spirit of black metal than other bands"

Islands Frontman Nick Thornburn Discusses His Greatest Muse: Death

"Life is horrible. Death is inevitable. The whole thing can be kind of beautiful."

Omar Souleyman Shares the Stories Behind His Syrian Techno Songs

"It’s a complicated situation"

A Quick Look At Bookworms’ Crate

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Fuck Buttons On…
Jean Michel Jarre

"Familiar yet alien... The energy and color of the music is incredible."

Stream Glitterbug’s Dust Album and Read His Track-By-Track Commentary

Discussed: Hong Kong high rises, abandoned parking lots, and monsters dancing in the middle of a forest

Parquet Courts’ Top 5 Poets Actually Worth Reading

"This dude has been around, and will tell you about it in his poems"

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"I was probably just being a petulant teenager, but I still really believe that hardcore changes a person"