2013 In Review

Gardland’s Top 5 Shiz

Discussed: Panorama Bar, Nick Land, 'Soulnessless', New Yorkers, Getting Internet-ed

Dais On… Items & Things and Urashima Records

"These releases were little talismans of vile beauty only to be taken out in select company"

Year-End Lists From Baths, Teengirl Fantasy, Windhand & Wymond Miles

Editors’ Picks

A second (and third!) opinion on 2013's top releases

Keep Shelly in Athens On… ‘Blue Jasmine’, Virginia Woolf & More

Axel Boman’s Top 5 Favorite Things

Discussed: kimchee pancakes, Bergen, meditation podcasts, William Onyeabor

Jessy Lanza’s Favorite Records & Films

Five Cassette Picks From JS Aurelius of Destruction Unit & Marshstepper

"If there was one piece of music I could have written this year, it would have been this"

Five Songs Jimmy Edgar Rediscovered in 2013

Untold On…
Marina Rosenfeld

Read about Untold's album of the year, then stream it alongside the multi-medium composer's commentary

Five Records GRMLN Rediscovered in 2013

Discussed: Weezer, Interpol, Fugazi, Nirvana, Elvis Presley

Daedelus On… Footwork

The MPC masher also shared his "Top 5 Gentlemanly Accessories For 2013"

Locrian’s Top 5 Books

Discussed: color, death, the collage work of John Stezaker and more

Terry Malts’ Top 5 Repertory Films

Discussed: Donald Cammell, Dennis Hopper, John Cassavettes, Michelangelo Antonioni, Charles Manson

Perc On … Death Grips

"They seem so real to me when most other music is overly considered, market focused and sales led"