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Puce Mary’s Favorite Cult Japanese Films

Discussed: 'Funeral Parade of Roses', 'Ichi the Killer', 'Onibaba', 'Kwaidan' and more

White Hills’ Rough Guide to Jim Jarmusch

Discussed: 'Only Lovers Left Alive', 'Dead Man' and 'The Limits of Control'

Greys’ Fugazi Guide

"They were subtle, mercurial, dynamic... they weren't assholes about it either"

Joyce Manor’s Top 5 Most Underrated Rides at Disneyland

"About halfway through, you actually start to hope you get decapitated"

White Fence’s 5 Ways of Writing a Perfect Song

"Fuck them anyways; have they ever tried to write a song? Doubt it!"

Nothing’s Top 5 Storytelling Songs

Discussed: Pulp, Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Big L

The Range’s Top 5 Breakbeats a Drummer Could Never Pull Off

"I wonder how Alarm Will Sound would tackle this one... I’m almost certain they would need to two kits."

M. Geddes Gengras’ Favorite Desperate Housewives Episodes

"I love a thought-provoking drama as much as the next guy, but there is something to be said for a show that PILES it on"

The Soft Pink Truth On… Darkthrone

"There’s a truly 'fuck it' attitude on display here which is truer to the spirit of black metal than other bands"

A Quick Look At Bookworms’ Crate

"A lil dynamics makes the inevitable heavy beat so much more special"

Fuck Buttons On…
Jean Michel Jarre

"Familiar yet alien... The energy and color of the music is incredible."

Parquet Courts’ Top 5 Poets Actually Worth Reading

"This dude has been around, and will tell you about it in his poems"

Golden Retriever’s Matt Carlson On… Eliane Radigue and How to Make Successful Drone Musi...

"Why do some people want to sit and listen to one note for 20 minutes? Or one chord for an hour?"

Zombi’s Guide to Goblin

If this doesn't make you rethink 'prog rock', we don't know what will

The Bunker and Mutual Dreaming Break Unsound Parties Down Into Playlists

Featuring Willie Burns, Copeland, Deepchord, Porter Ricks, Miles and more