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White Rainbow On… White Rainbow

Adam Forkner breaks down the nearly 20 records he's self-released since 2009

Helm’s Guide to Whitehouse

"It's like Suicide, but with a bloke in a trench coat calling you a cunt"

Greg Fox’s
Top 5 Drummers
(In No Particular Order)

"The way he affected the audience made a gigantic and everlasting impression on me"

10 Crucial Quotes From Steve McQueen’s Kanye West Interview

"Right now it seems like it's the beginning of me rattling the cage, of making some people nervous"

Graze’s Top 10 Canadians

Discussed: Tim Hecker, Neil Young, William Gibson, Frank Gehry and six other reasons to not blame Canada

Nat Baldwin On…
Anthony Braxton

"I would have rather had the rest of the car cleared out, anything but that music"

12 Artists Lost in the 6-Point Font Portion of Coachella’s 2014 Flyer

10 Takeaways From Morrissey’s Latest Fanzine Interview

"Music can bring vegetables to life, and I should know because I'm a vegetable"

Locrian’s Top 5 Books

Discussed: color, death, the collage work of John Stezaker and more

Vex Ruffin’s Guide to Rammellzee

"He played the first song and I was just smh, like wtf is this?"

Six of Shadowlust’s Favorite Records

Svengalisghost and 51717 discuss everything from 'The Prince of Techno' to drug-addled immersionism

Magik Markers’ Top 5 Favorite Colors

"Neil Young asks, 'What is the color when black is burned?' It's more black."

Five Microbrews Pelican’s Guitarist Wishes He’d Come Up With First

"Mostly I wish I'd come up with it so the world would never have had to see a beer packaged inside a dead squirrel"

Kwes.’ Five Tips For Brewing Tea Like a Proper Brit

"In that time you can stare lovingly into the tea, like a Klee or Rothko painting, as it becomes ready for consumption"

The Body’s Guide to Fleetwood Mac

"Maybe it takes the crippling reality that most relationships are doomed to truly get the soul-crushing songs they wrote"