Jenny Hval Announces New Vampire-Themed Album, Blood Bitch

The concept album is also inspired by Goth music and Norwegian black metal

Deathwish Ready Final Cursed Reissue

A box set of the hardcore band's entire catalogue and an exclusive book is also due out "later down the road"

Other Music Confirms June Closing

New York, we love you, but you've let us down for the last time

130701 Announces New Ian William Craig Album, 15th Anniversary Compilation

The FatCat imprint returns with a previously unreleased material from Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Hauschka, Dustin O'Halloran and more

Lefse Readies Vinyl Reissue of Cornelius’ Long Out-of-Print Fantasma LP

Raime Announce New Album, Tooth

"The DNA of dub-techno, garage/grime and post-hardcore rock music spliced into sleek and predatory new forms"

Balam Acab’s Back With a Drone Band, Solo Project and Limited Child Death LP

"I feel like I'm getting back in touch with myself. That's why I'm releasing music again and doing the things I'm supposed to be doing."

New Sample-Heavy Blood Orange Album Inspired By Dust Brothers, Christianity

"It's like my version of 'Paul's Boutique'"

Brian Eno Shares 21-Minute Title Track of New Experimental Album The Ship

"The work turned into an unusual kind of song... a type I've never made before"

Puce Mary Announces New Posh Isolation Album, The Spiral

Feel the pain of everyone

Carlos Niño Collaborates With Kamasi Washington, Iasos, Madlib, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and More on ...

"A spiritual, free-form, progressive full-length that touches on jazz, New Age, psychedelic and ambient musics"

Prostitutes Announces New Album

'Ghost Detergent' promises a "consummate amalgam of fried gear, chunky bass and fractured samples"

Dum Dum Girls Frontwoman Shows Pop Side With Debut Kristin Kontrol Album

"As the years went on, it was so weird that I kept so much of me out of what I was doing creatively"

Iggy Pop Poses Nude For Brooklyn Museum, Artist Jeremy Deller

Drawings from a New York Academy of Art class will be featured this fall

Hyperdub Readies Expanded Vinyl Editions of Burial’s Long Out-of-Print Albums