Grebenstein & Seefried Ready Debut EP on Downwards

Grebenstein & Seefried

Grebenstein and Seefried have revealed their debut EP as a duo: Raging Tender, a fully immersive effort that furthers the ominous vision first outlined on Grebenstein’s Strong Proud Stupid and Superior 12” and a Downwards compilation from a couple years back (The Immortal Eye).

Check out the record’s title track below, along with another new tune and the story behind their songs. Look out for the rest of Raging Tender on Downwards this Friday and check out a special NTS show celebrating the influential label’s 25th anniversary here….

Our own musical work is imprinted by an intensive time as an autodidact in post-punk bands, as an obsessive listener of bands of the Hamburger Schule (Grebenstein) on the one hand and on the other by growing up as a daughter in a family of classical musicians, who later studied music but had to break away to find her own musical statement on a longer way (Seefried).

We produce music together mostly in rare intense sessions where we manage to compose and record a whole EP in one day. This somehow gives you the feeling to save up quite some creative energy without getting bored or getting stuck in a longer process. This is how our new EP came into being. Coming from a way of working a lot with field recordings that got transformed and processed over and over again, we are now more in a place keeping it as simple as possible. Drums, one synthesizer, voice—very intuitive. The words being written while the drums are made and cigarettes being smoked. And when we are tired and basically done, we say, ‘Let’s do one last ballad, a really sweet one,’ ending up with “Raging Tender.”

Grebenstein & Seefried
Raging Tender
(Downwards, February 1st)

1. Raging Tender
2. Breathe
3. Arab Icon
4. Body Electric