Cut Hands

William Bennett Explains His Career, From the Power Electronics of Whitehouse to the Rabid African R...

"We weren't the provocateurs that people think. It was simply a case of the madmen taking over the asylum and doing what they wanted to do."

Björk Shares DJ Set From Tri Angle Party

A celebration of the label's fifth anniversary featuring Kate Bush, Brandy, Cut Hands, Death Grips and more

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Featuring long reads on Shlohmo's WEDIDIT crew, Vince Staples, Kindness and Cut Hands, plus shorter fare on wild herbs, off-track betting, virtual reality, thrash metal and more

Cut Hands Announces New Festival of the Dead Album For Blackest Ever Black

Stream its drum-heavy singles here, "a rapturous celebration of oblivion"

PHOTOS/REVIEW: Godflesh + Cut Hands + Pharmakon @ Irving Plaza, 4.10.14

"Hi, we're from Birmingham, England."

Helm’s Guide to Whitehouse

"It's like Suicide, but with a bloke in a trench coat calling you a cunt"

Pharmakon Announces Tour Dates With Godflesh, Cut Hands and Helm

PREMIERE: Cut Hands, “Damballah 58’’

The Whitehouse founder aims an adrenaline shot straight at your skull

Blackest Ever Black’s Corsica Studios Mix

Blackest Ever Black Reveals Label Showcase Lineup in London, Featuring Vatican Shadow, Cut Hands, Br...

Cut Hands Confirms Tracklisting For New ‘Black Mamba’ Album

LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Cut Hands, ‘Afro Noise I’