Demdike Stare

Finders Keepers Tap Demdike Stare For Halloween Compilation

Stream 'Probes' in full here!

NE212: IVVVO Tackles the Torturous Highs and Lows of Love on an Exclusive Mix

Featuring Tuxedomoon, Pipilotti Rist, Peter Rehberg, Demdike Stare and more

6 Records Worth Streaming This Weekend

Rave on with Demdike Stare and weep alongside a rusty blues/gospel comp

Catching Up With… Demdike Stare

"You can't ever say you don't like punk or you don't like techno or you don't like acid. That's bullshit."

Demdike Stare Line Up Stateside Premiere of Live Häxan Score

Rrose is also performing a gong piece

NE173: An Exclusive Mix By… MUTUAL

A serpentine set featuring Demdike Stare, Illum Sphere, Airhead and more

Stefan Jós
“Specialism (Uneasy)”

A punchy yet precise debut, mastered by one-half of Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare

The duo's 'Testpressing' series comes to a close with a mad-for-it techno melody and splintered "Amen" breaks

Demdike Stare

As if the songs aren't nightmarish enough, one song is set to some 'Clockwork Orange'-caliber visuals

The Bunker and Mutual Dreaming Break Unsound Parties Down Into Playlists

Featuring Willie Burns, Copeland, Deepchord, Porter Ricks, Miles and more

Download an Extended Boiler Room Set From Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker

Three hours well spent

Stream Demdike Stare’s ‘Test Pressing’ Series

DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Chris Carter’s Solid Steel Mix

2012 IN REVIEW: Pye Corner Audio’s Top 5 Albums

NOW PLAYING: Jane Weaver, ‘The Watchbird Alluminate’