Ninja Tune

10 of 2017’s Largely Overlooked LPs

Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings, A.R.E. Project 12”

James Heather Slays the Greek God of Anxiety on New Post-Classical Song

Autechre Share New Solid Steel Mix, Stage NTS Radio Takeover

Have a listen here, featuring Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Raymond Scott, John Cage, Mark Fell and more

Stream Prequel Tapes’ Dragon Keys EP and Read His Commentary

Discussed: William S. Burroughs, dark-ambient diversions, and The Cure

The Bug On… The Songs That Shaped Him, From William Basinski to Wu-Tang Clan

"I did it as an escape, and in the hope that the volume would stop them from beating the shit out of each other"

Maribou State
(Feat. Pedestrian)
“The Clown (John Beltran Remix)”

A tender IDM track more concerned with manipulating your mood than presets and plug-ins

Fink, “Fall Into the Light (Prequel Tapes Remix)”

"If you're gonna make an ambient record, make it really fuckin' ambient"

FaltyDL Vs. Squarepusher

Solid Steel Relaunches Mix Site With Caribou and Colleen Exclusives

Up next: a Text Records special, featuring Four Tet and Anthony Naples

Lee Bannon
“Artificial Stasis”

"I wanted to embrace the calm"

The Bug
(Feat. Burro Banton)
“Zim, Zim, Zim”

Dancehall laced with dread

The Bug Discusses Angels & Devils Album, Shares New Songs With Grouper & Manga

"The aim has always been to overwhelm people, and immerse a listener in my interpretation of the fucked up, chaotic nature of existence"

The Bug Wraps Angels & Devils Record

Featuring Death Grips, Grouper, Gonjasufi, copeland, Flowdan, his old buddy Justin Broadrick and many more

Stream Martyn’s The Air Between Words Album, Featuring copeland and Four Tet

"The music I'm making now is floating between different genres. It's not really techno, it's not really house, it's not really electronica."