Raime Unveil Dancehall Mixtape, Our Versions of Their Versions

Featuring "28 riddims... listed alphabetically, to frustrate the spotters"

Raime Announce New Album, Tooth

"The DNA of dub-techno, garage/grime and post-hardcore rock music spliced into sleek and predatory new forms"

Blackest Ever Black Compile Regis Productions, Remixes on Manbait

Including commissions for Tropic of Cancer, Vatican Shadow and Raime

Raime’s Guide to Cabaret Voltaire

Wanna guess what's "the most beautifully paranoid thing they have ever done"?

Blackest Ever Black Mark Corsica Studios Showcase With Mood-Manipulating Mix

Sandwell District Break Down 10 Key Fabric Mix Tracks

NOW AVAILABLE AT THE MERCH TABLE: Lee Gamble, Grouper, Raime, Eleh, Broadcast, Goat, L.I.E.S., Ensem...

PRIMER: 15 Records We’re Still Looking Forward to in 2012

Blackest Ever Black’s Corsica Studios Mix

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