1-TRACK MIND: Michna, Nick Hook and Worthy Share One Song They’re Destined To Drop At Tonight’s Dark Disco Party


For some reason a lot of producers still think a remix has to sound like a distorted dentist chainsaw grinding your teeth. Julio Bashmore does not. He takes the already awesome original and injects his phantom/hybrid/subwoofer/house treatment. The results are glorious funk in your trunk, with minimal ingredients doing maximal things–a staple tune in my DJ sets.


I stumbled upon this track while I was in Australia touring a couple of weeks ago. I had been playing the Edu K version off the package, which is nice too, but I missed the Beware and Motorpitch remix somehow. The track has this nice funky, crazy tropical feel to it, with all kinds of crazy screams and synth sounds, and a great fun build up that does not go where you expect it too. Every time I’ve played it out has gotten such a great reaction that I can’t wait to drop it in my sets lately. It is just a fun track.

Nick Hook

Not exactly the newest tune out there, but I think it took a few months for it to really resonate how in depth and good this one is. This was the B-side to the first release on Night Slugs by Mosca. I really can’t stop listening to this tune, and wish he would make an hour-long concept album in the vein of it. This song tells me a different story every time I hear it. It’s sometimes hard to drop in DJ sets, but as the opener tonight, I can play some more open-ended things to set a mood. Look for Mosca’s Four Tet remix as well.

For more info on Sunday night’s Dark Disco party, check out Mean Red’s flyer and such here.