1MM: Coachella Day Two — The Artists, From a Jumbotron Version of The Killers to Glimpses of M.I.A., TV on the Radio, Liars, Fleet Foxes and More

A postnatal M.I.A., looking a tad like Ray Charles.
A postnatal M.I.A., looking a tad like Ray Charles.

[Photos by Charles Grauke; slideshow available here]

Excuse us if we wanted a pillow in the early evening portion of Coachella’s Saturday presentation. Seriously though–Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses and Jenny Lewis back-to-back on one of the main stages? We like their records and all, but seeing such indie rock standbys in the fading-but-oh-so-steamy sun is a fate we wouldn’t wish on any self-titled reader. That’s why we did it for you (kinda) … 

[Liars get ready to seek and destroy.]

[Some mid-afternoon R&B with Joss Stone]


[Surkin tries to distract us from his dude-behind-laptop setup with fluorescent pink lights.]

[Henry Rollins continues to pretend that we care more about his spoken word performances than a Black Flag reunion.]

[Amanda … Fucking … Palmer–the hippest drama club dropout ever.]

[Williamsburg’s unofficial mayor leads TV on the Radio in song.]

[Fleet Foxes try to out Band of Horses Band of Horses.]

[M.I.A. explains what “Bucky Done Gun” means.]

[No photographers were allowed in the photo pit during The Killers. This shit show is what happened as a result.]

[Brandon Flowers, let’s hope you’re not our only hope.]