1MM: Dungen @ Le Poisson Rouge, 7.15.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

Two photo sets in one night? Indeed; and expect even more in the coming month as self-titled steps up our summer music coverage. (Speaking of, contact us if you’d like to contribute live shots from anywhere in the country … or world for that matter.)

Anyhow, the following harshly-lit  photos are from an invite-only “in the round” performance by Dungen, featuring frontman Gustav Ejstes on piano/vocals/guitar and Johan Holmegard on drums. While the duo had limited means for such a deep catalog of widescreen songs, they actually fared better than Ejstes did the last time we saw him in an acoustic setting: a spare and mildly spooky solo gig at the Living Room.  In fact, we’re now officially excited for the band’s next LP, 4. Be sure to watch this space for a very special announcement about a self-titled promo tied to its release.