1MM: High on Fire @ Nokia Theatre, 9.18.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

Not that it matters, but we’re pretty sure Matt Pike of High on Fire (and at one time, Sleep) would wreck our very being in a bar fight. Aside from the hints of madness in his droopy stoner eyes, Pike’s beer gut, filthy Rapunzel hair, and crooked teeth suggest a guy that’s seen some shit over the years. Whether or not that’s true, he certainly channels a whirlpool of rage into High on Fire’s live show–a role he relishes, as proven by the way he prowls the stage with a devilish smile in tow. Thursday’s gig–right after Nachtmystium and right before Opeth–was one of the best High on Fire sets we’ve seen, thanks to a steamroller sound that eclipsed the more muffled and mangled vibe of their show at Bowery Ballroom a few years back.

Pike in pictures after the jump …