1MM: Mastodon Lose Us At Hello, But Hey, At Least Their Visuals Are Bad Ass

Words and Photos by Andrew Parks

Let’s get one thing straight before we discuss whether or not Mastodon‘s set was any good last night: Crack the Skye is a sick headphone record, a completely logical leap for a band that’s always treated their LPs like imaginary Peter Jackson productions. And while its bold but not bloated approach might work wonders in an arena context–where you can sit back and stare at all the guitar solos and Guy Maddin-esque visuals–it came off bloodless and boring at Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday night. Especially when compared with such cutting Mastodon tracks as “Blood and Thunder,” “The Wolf is Loose” and “March of the Fire Ants”–songs Mastodon have begun to abandon completely.

To quote Skye‘s opening track, “Now I’m lost in oblivion.” Love the video clips, though…